Note: Produce of Surabhi are tested as per the established and approved test procedures. They stand the test of guaranty.

Please visit for information about conservation, breeding and importance of pure desi cow and its depiction in vedaas. Ankush provides technical assistance to Surabhi pooja.

Cow Ghee

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Benefits of Cow Ghee

  • Increases intelligence
  • Enhances memory power
  • Boosts body energy
  • Rejuvenates skin from inside and increases glow.
  • Detoxifies body
  • Increases clarity of voice
  • Improves digestion
  • Increases quantity and quality of semen
  • Effective in disorders of the eye.
  • Best among fats
  • Best remedy for ulcers and constipation.
  • Reduces tiredness
  • Vintage Ghee nullifies the effects of toxification, dementia, epilepsy and fainting.

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